Physical impulse is described with two characteristics — amplitude and duration. Amplitude, the difference of values in the beginning of impulse and at its peak, refers to strength of momentum, while duration describes time. Shoving off these characteristics, Impulse project presents works by St. Petersburg’s young artists, tracing trajectories through perplexed time of modernity and stating difference as its foundational feature. 


Tending to move away from curatorial subjectivity, project exhibits artistic production conceived  beyond thematic or formal boundaries. The only predetermined condition was where the work will be placed. Resulting out of such an experiment is an exhibition consisting entirely of installations mostly conceived specifically for the project. Installational format, in its nature implanted in specifics of time and space, creates polyphonic field that becomes an “act of presenting the present”. 


Installations, multiplied spacial images, demonstrate theirs, sometimes even abundant, materiality. Shoving off this materiality, artists place it in a close relationship with time: personal time, geological time, epochal time, technological time, etc. Time is nonlinear here — accelerating and slowing down, it pierces artworks, runs in loop, crystallises, erodes and haunts the viewer.


Veronika Nikiforova, Khristina Ots

Impulse project consolidates artworks of young artists, who shift the scopes of contemporary “St. Petersburg art”. Without seeking to determine unambiguous direction of young art development, whether through formal or narrative affinity, the project tends to capture the differential singularity of the present.

Curators: Veronika Nikiforova, Khristina Ots



Andreev twins

Natalia Balabanova

Katja Butorina

Katerina Veselovskaya


Tata Gorian

Philipp Guzeev

Anastasiia Kolesnik

Valentina Makarova

Anna Martynenko

Evgeniy Molodtsov

Darya Molodtsova

Polina Orlova

Anna Prilutckaia

Lidiya Rikker

Alena Smolina

iBiom Box

Technical director: Viacheslav Shatrovoi

PR: Ana Tolstaia

Design: Veronika Nikiforova

Texts and translation: Khristina Ots

Exhibition is organised as a part of Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Center program for the support of young artists and independent curators and researchers and supported by   The Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin.

Dates: 1 — 17 October 2019

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